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What is Club V.I.P?

Club V.I.P is a place where books become a weekly series. Think of a TV show, only you’re reading it rather than watching it. Your mind is given the creative freedom to set its own backdrop as you devour the words. With each lengthy chapter, you’ll experience the journey through both the heroine and the hero’s eyes. Yes, cliffhangers will carry you from week to week but aren’t your favorite show the same? Plus, who doesn’t love a little suspense?

How does it work?

Club V.I.P is exclusive to my website and it’s completely FREE! The member log-in will always be located at the top of the page. To log-in, you will need the current password (set to change weekly.)

How do I access the password?

In my readers group. By joining the group, you’ll have exclusive access to Club V.I.P, and you’ll always be amongst the first to know about upcoming releases and secret projects.

What if I’d like to read but don’t have Facebook?

If you don’t have Facebook but are interested in reading along, simply sign up for my newsletter here. It goes out quarterly so you don’t have to worry about me spamming you month to month with useless information. Following your sign-up, you will be placed on a list for password delivery every week.

Will these works be published later in the future?

Each series will be published solely in paperback form and be made exclusive to whatever signing follows its completion. Reserved signed copies will also be an option. At this time, there are no plans for a Kindle edition, however, if there is a large enough audience, I may reconsider.

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Club V.I.P Launch Series: Relentless



Genre: New Adult

Premiere date: October 19th, 2017


Adjective; showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace.
Yes, relentless.
A relentless game of cat and mouse.
That’s how it all began, back when we were sophomores in high school. He was the silent yet intimidating lone wolf, only a trusted few allowed in his pack, and I was the care-free, nose stuck in a book girl who had no idea just how literally one person could change her life forever.
It didn’t quite start out that way though. For two years, I smothered the flame that seared me whenever in his presence. The blasé facade I presented to the world might’ve fooled them, and perhaps, in the beginning, I was fooling myself too, truly believing I could simply write this thing off. Until one day, fate took a hold of the steering wheel and I was useless to stop it, in more ways than one.
Hendrix Carter was never supposed to happen.
But he did, and he was essentially, the one that got away. A memory I wish I could erase.
Ten years later, and the thought of him is no less painful than it was the day he left. I’m not an obsessive person and I certainly haven’t let the past consume my life, but every now and then when he pops into my mind at the most random of times, it still hurts.
And it shouldn’t.
They say if you can’t get someone out of your head, maybe they’re meant to be there. The problem is, he shouldn’t be there. He shouldn’t be anywhere near there. Especially when my heart is supposed to be spoken for. In some ways, my heart did belong to Gage Ford, the man who’d been my childhood best friend, but a piece of it would always belong to Hendrix.
So when I run into him at our ten-year high school reunion, it’s not lost on me how every last bit of what I ever felt for him can resurface with such ferocity. The push and pull between us is ever-present, and when he learns I can’t act on it, his relentless colors shine through once again.
Morals will be tested.
Relationships will suffer.
And in the end, a decision will undoubtedly have to be made.
My name is Camille Evans, and this my story, a story where I’ll learn how the heart will go great lengths in the name of love.

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