02.25.18 – Dead or Alive UPDATE!

Hello, my lovelies—it’s been a while!

If you don’t follow me on social media, let me fill you in on what all has been going on. I’ve been a busy bee working on two WIP’s, one being Dead or Alive. The other is a secret project I’ll be unveiling to the world in the next few weeks, though my readers group has already gotten quite the taste of it. 😉

Don’t worry, we’ll talk about it real soon but right now, Dead or Alive is the pressing matter here.

Eden and Xander’s conclusion is supposed to release in 4 days and while I’m really trying my hardest to be excited about it, truth is, I’m not. I’m stressed. DOA was the first book I’ve ever written straight through the first draft without serious “edit as I go” syndrome. I usually always dwell on making it perfect and can sit on one chapter for days, nit-picking it apart. And while, yes, I did have some moments where I got stuck longer than necessary, for the most part, I worked straight through. I can’t tell you what a nice change it was to have that extra time for my second draft. But in turn, it also greatly impacted how I handled that process.

If you’re one of my readers, it’s no secret I always end up changing SOMETHING or adding to it literally right before release. It’s a defect of my OCD/perfectionist mindset combined with characters who don’t want to shut up, even when their time has come to an end. Basically, if they’re not happy, I’m not happy. These stories are theirs to tell. I’m simply the transcriber.

So naturally, Eden and Xander weren’t done when I typed “The End.“

They hadn’t said their peace and with that, came one tiny yet MASSIVE change that greatly affects the story. These past few weeks have been spent trying to fine tune and fit it to the bulk of the story, but all I’ve done is rush it. I read it and while yes, I absolutely love the way this conclusion unfolds…it’s not ready to be released as is.

This is the primary reason why I had yet send out ARC’s—because simply put, it needs more time and attention. Things need to be properly stitched together and some ends need be tied. Instead of being something I love 100% it’s something I feel is at 75%

And I don’t want to give you all 75%

I want to give you the 100% experience you deserve to read, so I’ve made the decision to push release back until March 30th.

I know, another 3 week wait, but it’ll be worth it.


With this new schedule, I anticipate ARC’s should officially be ready for your eyes (and hearts cause yes, get ready for some shiz) in about two weeks. I also updated the cover just a smidge. Rather than having the red tinge from the original, I made it black and white and updated the blurb on the back. It was much too hard to read before and I was afraid it’d look washed up on the actual paperbacks.


Keep an eye out for a giveaway I’ll be throwing out here in the next several days.

Well, that’s me all caught up. Everything in life happens for a reason and I truly believe this is happening for a reason. I hope you’ll stick with me for 3 more weeks while I finish getting Eden and Xander ready for you and I thank you all greatly for your patience and understanding. Eden and Xander thank you too.




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