Good Lord, it feels like I’ve been waiting FOREVER to share this with you all! But the day is finally here and I’m beyond excited!

So, guess what?! Knox and Hazel are almost here!

And today is cover reveal day!

Are you ready for this?!

★★★ Hear Me Roar COVER REVEAL! ★★★


Title: Hear Me Roar (The Bloodshed Duet, Book 2)

Genre: Erotic suspense/fighter romance

Author: Dee Garcia

Release date: October 12th


With strength comes dependence.
I thought I had it all.
The Title. The Pro status. The man.
I thought I’d finally left the past where it belonged, thought the future would be nothing but a bright ray of light with Knox by my side.
I was wrong.
In seeking answers, I opened the doorway to a terrifying, psychotic ride no one was prepared for. And through that very door, the past -both his and mine- somehow wove its way as one and slithered back into our lives, creating a fresh hell that stirred doubt and resentment within us.
Will our bond, our love, be strong enough to supersede the forces threatening to break us, or will we swiftly crumble to the ground, piece by piece?


Add to your Goodreads here —> http://bit.ly/GRHearMeRoar


Want to know when Hear Me Roar goes live? Sign up for an alert here —> http://eepurl.com/c2N0hD

But wait…THERE’S MORE!

I Am Lioness (Book 1 in The Bloodshed Duet) got a new wrap too! Why? Because when it came time to find an image for Hear Me Roar that matched, I couldn’t find anything. With my OCD, there was no way I could have my series mismatching, and thus began the project to re-do that cover in time to unveil HMR. For those of you who own the original cover, you’ll now be one of the few people with a first edition. The re-do also means once the new version goes live, the first edition will no longer be available in ANY format. Until then, you can find the print version of I Am Lioness ON SALE for $6.99, exclusively on Amazon.


So, thoughts? 

What are your thoughts on the covers? Share them, tag me, and let me know! ♥

Until next time…

♥ Dee











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