06.09.17 – *AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT* Due Soldati by Derek Adam and Jillian Elizabeth COVER REVEAL!

Title: Due Soldati
A Motor City Universe Standalone
Authors: Derek Adam & Jillian Elizabeth
Genre: Thriller/Suspense Romance (Crime)
Book Release Date: August 1st, 2017
Designer: AWT Cover Designs

Availability: Paperback, eBook, Free on Kindle Unlimited



Carter Avery is a by-the-book detective for Detroit and surrounding Wayne County. Known for his cunning and eagle eyes on the crime scene, he’s assigned to decipher a string of unusual murders that will test his skill, and that of his new partner, Nick Farzo. In a city wrought with political corruption and organized crime, these two white-knight detectives will stop at nothing to put the offenders behind bars.

That is, until an outside influence delivers an ultimatum to the city of Detroit on the eve of Devil’s Night, where a record number of arson outbreaks plague the city annually. When entire fire crews start turning up dead, and the women closest to Nick and Carter come under fire, these two soldiers may have to loosen their moral code to put their target down.

Excerpt (unedited)

Chapter 2 – Nick

I could tell this guy was gonna be a hardass, but I knew that going into it. That’s why I specifically asked for this assignment. The Cap’ even tried to talk me out of it, telling me Carter would toss my ass within a day if I didn’t walk back and beg for a new assignment first.
Whatever. I’m in it. I crawled my ass out of the street patrols to make detective in this division and I wanted to be where I was going to be challenged. Probably didn’t help that I was trying a little too hard. Need to back it down just a bit.
Carter strolled down the alley toward the forensics unit that had rolled up at the end of the alley. He was a big fucker, with a commanding presence. I didn’t think they made italians that big anymore. Most of the guys I knew like us we’re scrawny little rat-fingered guido fucks.
This guy looked like The Rock. Way less amusing, though.
I looked down at the slip of paper.
Michelle Teller. Kitchen. Got a phone number and address, says she’s on till four.
“Okay.” I flicked the paper and made for the service entrance of the hotel at the opposite end of the alley.


The manager had pointed me in the direction of one of the conference rooms. Apparently, the employee was assigned to break down the service after a corporate meeting. Navigating the halls of this place was a nightmare, though. Every damn conference room looked the same as the last, and they didn’t have numbers.
They had fancy names, like “the fucking mustang” and “the fucking focus.” I wonder if the hotel owner’s had a hard-on for Ford, or what Ford was paying to plaster their shit all over downtown.
Every damn hallway looked the same as the last, too.
“What the shit, man.” I stopped at an intersection of halls and shook my head. I felt like a goddamn freshman in highschool. This was stupid. I reached for my phone to call the number on the slip of paper, hoping it might be the woman’s cell, when I heard a muffled cry nearby.
I quirked an eyebrow and cocked my head. Either someone was getting some dick in a closet or…
I heard it again, a little louder this time, along with the sound of something falling over. Stepping down the hall I heard a more muffled whimper. My eyes went to the nameplate by the conference room door.
The Fiesta Room
Jesus fuck, who names an entire conference room after a Ford Fiesta?
I grabbed the knob and swung the door open, opening into a long but narrow conference room occupied by a lengthy table. A large buffet sat on one wall, covered in food remnants, with plates and half eaten food scattered at various seatings around the table.
Two goon looking motherfuckers  with brush cuts and turtlenecks had a girl pinned down, bent over the conference table with a hand wrapped around her mouth. One of her eyes was swollen and there was blood on her face. They all looked at me and kind of froze.
I think one of the guys had his belt open like he had planned to fuck this girl.
Matching turtlenecks? Really?
“Uh. Which one of you is Michelle?” I drummed my fingers on the badge clipped to my belt, eyebrows up. The two goons looked at each other and one of them reached, pulling a huge fucking hand cannon from inside of his jacket
“Woops.” I dove right back out the door and drew my glock from its holster as shots rang out, blowing holes in the wall opposite the doorway.
Four, seven…. Ten.
“You know I got out of the way right, you can stop shooting!” I yelled between gunshots. Another two rounds came out and buried themselves in the wall. With a brief silence I stuck my head out and eyed around the corner. One goon had the girl up with a pistol to her head, using her like a shield. The other was slipping a new magazine into his… was that a desert eagle? Big fucking gun. It was a big fucking gun.
“OK…. you win… I’m coming out. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.”
I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly before turning and leaning out low. I reached and lined the white dots of my iron sights up with the trigger happy son of a bitch and put one round right through his goddamn mouth. Without hesitating I rolled the glock to the right and took aim at the goon as he raised his gun from the woman. We pointed at each other at almost the same time.
I was a little faster though, and his head snapped back as the whiteboard behind him was sprayed with bone fragment, brain matter and a shit load of blood. She screamed. Actually I think she had already been screaming. I don’t know. My ears were ringing.
“Hey Michelle” I waved and slid the glock back into its holster. “I’m detective Farzo. I’ve got some questions for you, if you don’t mind.”
She was looking down at the exploded head of the guy on the floor next to her, and her eyes went to the brain matter all over the white board.
She screamed again.
“OK, so… you need a minute.”
I grabbed my phone to call it in. Not exactly an ideal first day, first assignment. I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to add bodies. Fuck.
The adrenaline was still running and fingers shook trying to dial in. Shit, I missed having the portable radio from my street detail. Grass is always greener.
“Could you stop…screaming real quick? I need to…” She screamed again. “Alright then. I’m gonna… I’ll just be outside a sec.”

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