04.22.17 – ICYMI: Cover Re-reveal!

I am so beyond excited.

No, really, I am. Even with the lack of an exclamation point. ;P

A few weeks ago, as I writing one of the newer pieces in the X-394 manuscript, the idea to re-do the cover hit me like a freight train. If I was changing things within the cover in question, why not give the outer shell a makeover too?

I thought about it for a while, but the more I thought about it, the more I was unsure of what I wanted to do. So I asked my best friend. She always gives me an honest, unfiltered opinion and I know that if it was a crappy idea, she’d tell me so in a heart beat. Well, when I mentioned it to her, there was no hesitation in her answer.

“Yes, do it! It’s like a fresh start.”

Those weren’t her words verbatim, but it was something along those lines. The fresh start thing is what really got me. Basically, that’s what sold me. Although a lot of the story remained the same because -yes, I’m going to say it- it was mine first, changing even one chapter almost made it new to me. I wanted the entire thing to feel new for everyone else too, and most importantly, untainted from all the drama and setbacks that prevented me from publishing this story sooner.

So do I feel like this new cover has done that?

Yes, yes I do.

When I look at it, I feel happy. I know, bottom line, it was the right decision to make and I’m genuinely excited to finally publish my second novel. Though the wait has killed some of you, I’m confident it’ll all have been worth it.

So without further adieu, here’s the brand spanking new cover for X-394 (book 1 of The Scarsi Family Series.) Big shoutout to Mary with The Reading Ruth who made this change a reality. Your talent is through the roof and I’m proud to be one of the authors who’s able to showcase your work. ❤️


Until next time…

XO, Dee 💋

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