03.30.17 – Teaser Thursday

Happy Teaser Thursday, book babes!

I know many of you are itching for a release date, but hopefully this small excerpt straight from X-394 will hold you over until I decide to announce it. 😉

Enjoy! 💋

Copyright © 2017 Dee Garcia

“Here for business?” I asked, my tone light and seemingly friendly.
He hummed softly. “Something like that. You?”
“Same. Top secret assignment. I’m pretty stoked actually.”
“Top secret huh?” he chuckled, raking a hand through his dark greasy hair. “You like a cop or somethin?”
“Worse.” I stifled a laugh and James arched a brow. “I’m your worst nightmare.”
With lithe movements he hadn’t seen coming, I thrust him into the metal wall of the cart, trapping him with an arm at his neck, my handgun flying down his throat. He gagged around the tip, his body hiccupping against mine as bone-chilling fear surfaced in his eyes. Holding his stare, I felt my lips spread in cheshire grin.
“Surprise, Mr. Hart. Your lies finally caught up with you and they earned you a prime spot at the top of my very prestigious list. Know what list that is,” I cooed.
He shook his head to the best of his ability.
“The one where you get to swallow one of my pretty little bullets as payment for playing my father like a fool. Any last words?”
The barrel in his mouth wouldn’t allow him to speak but the bastard tried anyway, and all I could make out of his plea was “pwee, pwee.”
“I’m sorry, what was that?” I asked, thoroughly amused.
“Pwee, oh.”
“Yeah, I’m not quite understanding. And even if I did,” I touched the tip of my nose to his, “I don’t spare despicable scumbags like you. Good night, Mr. Hart. See you in hell.”

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