03.28.17 – She’s back. Are you ready?


I’m sure most of you thought this story had been flushed down the drain just like Jett and Lana. Ehhhh, wrong! I didn’t work my ass off for 7 months to let it slip away because of what happened. I did that once and I refuse to give others the satisfaction again.

So with that being said, it’s time….
SHE’S BACK… LOCKED, MOTHERFCKIN’ LOADED, AND BETTER THAN EVER. More twists and turns, more detail, new content. I am so unbelievably ecstatic for you all to jump into the Scarsi world and lose yourself in the whirlwind beginning of their story.
As for a release date… You didn’t think I was going to be so quick to spill the beans, did you? 😉 *insert evil laugh here*

♥ Stay tuned, book babes!

Title: X-394
Genre: Dark romance, Suspense
Release Date: TBA 😉
Falling for him was never the plan.
I knew better.
But the heart wants what it wants.
Loyalties will crumble… Secrets will come to light…
One destined to fall forever.
The clock is ticking, and as Daddy always says…
Time is of the essence.
Will love prevail?

Add X-394 to your Goodreads TBR now!

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